Online Work Request

Online Work Request

Thank you for considering GTMI Prototyping Services Center for your manufacturing needs.

Please read the following instructions before submitting a work request at the bottom of this page.

  1. Identifying your affiliation with GA Tech.
  • Identify the company/ department affiliation
    • ATDC, IPP member, Venture lab, Research, Student projects, In-house manufacturing.
    • This DOES NOT Include any company that left the supporting boundaries of GA tech. outside companies are subjected to an increased work rate.
  • NOTE- Please identify if you are company is a GT industry partner on the work request from
    • -ALL GT affiliated projects have precedence
  1. Requirements before submitting a work request
  • Machining
    • Part Blueprint- Please have a blueprint ready that meets the requirements set forth in ASME Y14.5-2009. This is the national standard in GD&T.
    • An accurate blueprint with general dimensions and tolerances allows us to quote jobs accurately; this will also dictate the turnaround time for the parts.
    • We will not quote work without a blueprint.
  • 3D-Printing
    • Please ensure you have all STL files completed and can be sent with the request form.
    • The company clearly understands the materials that our machine can print. The materials link will posted on the website. (for questions please see the capabilities page.)


    • Company should provide the design ideas and design constraints detailed in writing.
    • Organize a meeting with Ben Coffman, the GTMI PI, and the company to ensure we are all working towards the same requirements.
    • CAD/CAM Services will include drafting blueprints and model renderings and will be charged at the personnel services hourly rate.


  1. Submitting a work request
  • Work requests can be completed online WE CANNOT START A JOB WITHOUT A WRITEN WORK REQUEST.
  • Work request can be filled out by anyone. Ideally the company submitting the work request has already been in contact with a person from GTMI and was instructed to submit the request.
  • Provide a billing code or project number if applicable.
  • Email the associated CAD/CAM file to:


  1. Project scheduling and quoting
  • Please allow 3 days to generate a quote
  • The quote will consist of:
    • Required material and cost
    • Required tooling and cost (if applied)
    • Time, cost, and details for each operation to produce 1 part.
    • Cost estimate to manufacture all parts at volume
    • Lead time to manufacture


  • This quote needs to be approved by the company before the job is scheduled.
  • Lead-time can be subject to change due to current workload.
  • Once the quote is generated and approved by the company we can set a clear date to finalize the project. Until we reach this point I cannot guarantee any cost or completion dates for manufacturing.


  1. Manufacturing
  • Service Center personnel will now be the lead contact and project manager of your request.
  • Questions can be answered by directly contacting Ben Coffman.


  1. Invoicing
  • Parts will be picked up by the company and visually inspected.
  • The GTMI Financial manager will invoice company and handle all financial questions.
  • Terms and conditions are set by GTMI Financial Manager.
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